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Mirrorstone Crystals - Crystals and fossils of the natural world.

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Customer Testimonials

5 stars mainly for the lovely man that runs the shop. A brave blind man who knows his onions and is kind hearted with a gentle nature.
AJ Warburton June 13, 2016
Excellent and Varied selection of Crystals, Minerals, jewellery and many more things... love the shop. I can also highly recommend the owner Adrian who is very intune experienced healer. He has really help change my life.
Lisa F June 13, 2016
Hi this is Mazzie I was in your shop this afternoon and bought the Turquoise Howlite Protection necklace and the Goldstone Prosperity necklace... We chatted for a while and I found both the shop and yourselves to be the most interesting and incredibly Spiritual I have encountered. I will be coming back and bring a friend with me.
Mazzie R June 13, 2016
I highly recommend Adrian as a gifted psychic-intuitive healer - actually, he is so unique, it's difficult to apply any sort of category of healer to him. I had a profoundly transformational healing session with him a couple of weeks ago and am still in the process of reflecting on/integrating the experience. Over the course of the session I was given a variety of constructive information about my health & circumstances - I don't want to go into too much detail as I'm sure everyone has their own unique session with Adrian but I would encourage you to visit him or make an appointment. If you are ready for change, then Adrian is a portal through which that can happen - if you let it. My most special moment came when, during a gruelling moment, Adrians dog Maisie, came up to me, jumped up, putting her 2 front paws on either side of my chest and rested her head on me. She stayed there for ages, giving me this insistent hug and licking my face. It completely took me out of my head and was like a shaft of sunlight into the moment - who could help but smile & hug her back when she was so loving. It was also really comforting. It was like an inter-species healing. It was & is a special experience and one that I'll treasure for a long time. Thanks Adrian (& all those involved.) Onwards and upwards.
Karen H June 08, 2016
visited the shop this afternoon and was amazed at the variety of stones and the exceptional insight Adrian gave me! The session we had was profoundly helpful and I will be back very soon and bring many people with me! Thank you so much! Adrian is a kind hearted and exceptional person and the shop he has made is calm and full of positive energy.
Katheryn June 08, 2016
Hi Adrian. I just wanted to thank you for the healing and spiritual insight you gave to me when my life and energies were in turmoil. Now my life is back on track, and I feel awesome! Blessings to you. OneLove. Merl
Merl May 25, 2016
Adrian.. I wish to thank you for the healing work you did on both my family and my home when I was visiting England in April. After living in my home for the last thirty years a lot of them turbulent due to a disfunctional marriage I am at last able to enjoy my home and for the first time ever feel safe and content. The energies in my home are now better and it feels good to enjoy your home without wanting to run from it all the time. I feel so blessed to be able to visit you when I am in the UK and tell my friends here in Ireland how good you are. I hope to see you before the end of the year all going well. With grateful thanks Mary
Mary O'D December 02, 2015
Adrian was very helpful with the issue I've been struggling with. He made me feel relaxed and confident and encouraged some very deep reflection on my past and my life, also enabling me to let go of the past. I wish him all the very best in continuing his healing work. X.
Xenia May 12, 2015
"Fate brought me to Adrian's shop when I was starting my spiritual awakening. I was initially looking for some crystals but ended up doing an energy healing session with him on the same day. I have no words to describe the profound effect it had on me. Adrian highlighted key areas that I need to be aware and address and helped me returning back to my own body and to my true self. As a consequence, I am now more grounded and following my higher self coming to a feeling of wholeness. My whole world has been crumbling down and I feel I'm entering a much more positive phase in my life where I am true to myself. Adrian sees from the heart, I believe he is a very special soul and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of healing."
Carla S May 12, 2015

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