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Pyrite - SKU_A_2167

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Pyrite - SKU_A_2167

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More commonly referred to as "Fool's Gold", Pyrite is a mineral that man has been utilizing for nearly 2000 years. The name "Fool''s Gold" originated, not so surprisingly, from gold miners - when novice miners would mistake Pyrite for gold for its high density and brassy colour, though it is much lighter than gold it was still a common mistake for a beginner. The name Pyrite stems from the Greek word for fire, "pyr", as Pyrite will emit a spark when struck by iron.

When freshly mined, Pyrite is an opaque pale silver-yellow colour, however oxygenation will turn it dark and tarnish it when it is exposed to atmosphere. It is formed in hydrothermal veins, in contact with metamorphic rocks as well as in sedimentary rocks like shale or coal where it can either replace or fill fossils.Spain, where this pyrite originates, has two famous sites for Pyrite, one being known as the largest pyrite deposit, and the other for producing the most beautiful pyrite cubes of up to 8cm.

It was used during the 16th and 17th centuries in the mechanism for firearms. Even earlier in history it was used as a healing "warming" stone, due to its association with fire.

This Pyrite comes from Spain.

Pyrite helps us uncover hidden memories and secrets, steering us towards honesty, it is an effective stone for self-realisation. It aids in diagnosing illnesses and pyrite suns have a pain-alleviating effect. It is not good to keep in contact with the skin for long periods of time however, as our sweat reacts with pyrite over time and it releases a black iron sulphide which stains clothing and may irritate the skin. Much better used for mediation.

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