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Pyrite - SKU_A_1890

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From: Chipping Sodbury, Mearhead, Gloucestershire.

Hardness: 6-6.5 on the Moh's scale.

Name:Iron(pyrite) (Fools gold)

Physical characteristics: This Iron-Pyrite is drusy in nature, with very tiny crystals forming a dense crystalline mass. Occasionally the crystalline and cubic crystal habit characteristic of ‘fool’s gold’, Iron Pyrite can be found co-present within the same specimen. These specimens are known as Isis and Osiris Pyrite.

Geology: Iron sulphide, Pyrite ‘fool’s gold’ (FeS2),Commonly occurring and most significant sulphur containing mineral it is found in a wide range of geological associations with other minerals its stability as a mineral depends upon the proportional relationship between the level of sulphur to iron in the individual specimens chemistry. Where to much sulphur is present within the composition of an individual specimen exposer to oxygen can lead to what is known as pyrite canker which leads to the deterioration of the specimen and similar specimens within its vicinity.

Chakras: root chakra and the earth star chakra.

Spiritual meaning: Pyrite is a highly protective stone which helps to balance and promote positive energy in both men and women. Its cuboid structure is in exact accordance with the perfect sacred geometry with the vibration of cosmic manifestation it boosts personal power and self-confidence.

Healing qualities:Bringing one to a realistic and empowered space of alinement in the present moment. It protects against disseat helping

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