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Chakra is a sanskrit word for wheel or disc, and it relates to the circles of energy throughout our bodies, each chakra has its own colour and corresponds to nerve centers in our bodies, as well as relating to major organs and our emotional, psychological and spiritual states. Since everything is always in motion, it is essential that our chakras remain open and aligned. The first chakra is also known as the base chakra, located at the base of the spine. It is sometimes known as the Earth Star Chakra. It is associated with the colour red and the element of earth. The second chakra is located in the pelvis adn connected with the colour orange and the element of water. The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, located above the naval. Linked with the colour yellow and the element of fire. Our fourth chakra is the heart, located over the chest and between shoulder blades. Associated with colours green and pink and the element of air. The throat chakra is the fifth, and is connectedwith the colour blue and the heavens. The sixth chakra is found in the centre of our forehead, our third eye. It is represented by the colour indigo and its element is silver. The final chakra is the crown chakra, at the top of ours heads. Its colour is violet and its element is gold.

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