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Bloodstone and Quartz Wand

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Bloodstone And Quartz Wand - SKU_A_1760

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Exquisite wooden wand with a Bloodstone set in resin and a quartz tip.

All our wand are handmade and fairtrade.

Quartz is potentially one of the most recognized crystals and originates in Brazil. It can be icy clear or exhibit inclusions, veils, various colors and bubbles. Composed of silicon dioxide it is a key element in a range of minerals classified as "silicates." Its appearance is that of prismatic hexagonal crystals in compact masses . It is also an essential mineral in granite, quartzite and gneiss, and sandstone.

Quartz is perceived as the ultimate gift from mother earth, a power stone and has earned the title of ‘universal crystal’ due to its multitude of uses. It is known to channel and enhance energy by balancing, focusing and transmitting. It is a stone of clarity, power, harmonizing ones environment and dispelling negative energy. Quartz is a truly wonderful stone as it has the ability to offer protection, enhance spiritual growth, helpful in romance, classed as a master healer, drawing out pain, with the ability to energise other crystals. In terms of healing quartz focuses on strengthening the body systems, being particularly effective for bone injuries, fatigue, improving mental and physical energy and strength. Meditating with Quartz is pertained to open the mind and heart to a higher state, intensifying healing and spiritual growth.

Legend would tell that ‘Bloodstone’ was formed from the solidified blood of Christ. The ancient Greeks believed ‘Bloodstone’ brings change and protects from evil. Thought to a symbol of justice, it is commonly used by healers to enhance blood circulation, life energy and realign the centres of the body.

Length: 20.9cm

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