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Stilbite And Chabazite - SKU_A_2144

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Stilbite And Chabazite - SKU_A_2144

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Stilbite can come in various shades, it can be colourless, or yellow, brown, white or even pinkish. Stilbite can be formed hydrothermically in volcanic rock cavities, in ore veins, fissures and hot springs. It is usually associated with calcite and other zeolites. Colourless and white crystals originate from India, which is where this stone was mined. Stilbite crystals can also be found in New Jersey, USA and Iceland.

Chabazite is a group of three common zeolite minerals that whilst looking alike have distinct properties. There is Chabazite-Ca, Chabazite-K and Chabazite-Na. The name comes from the Greek word "chabazios" or "chalazios", both of which mean "hail-stone" Chabazite can be colourless, white, cream, pink orange, yellow, brown or red. It has an open crystal structure that acts like a sieve which allows small molecules to pass through whilst larger molecules are unable to. This means it is useful in filtering methane gas from the emissions of decaying organic waste.

This sample of Chabazite and Stilbite was mined in Imichil, Haut Atlas, Morocco.

Stilbite assists in promoting feelings of joy and love. Its influence is also used to promote deep sleep and vivid dreams. It also aids you to broaden your thoughts and balances turbulant thoughts.

Chabazite is a great stone for mediation, it helps you in determining the focus for the direction of your life. Which also makes it a good stone for overcoming any addictions.

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