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Swallow Tail Selenite

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Swallow Tail Selenite

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Hardness: 2 on the Mohs scale.

This is a beautiful specimen of Swallow Tail Selenite, which is also known as Fish Tail or Angel Wing Selenite.
This formation occurs where two Optical Selenite crystals have grown together.

A clear form of gypsum, Selenite takes it name from the Greek lunar goddess Selene who was said to drive the moon across the sky every night, this links nicely to Selenite's place within the broader group of gypsum crystals as a whole since gypsum forms as a precipitate mineral where the sea has receded from land leaving gypsum as a mineral deposit.

Highly valued as a healing crystal, Selenite is said to transmit a very high vibration of light into a persons aura and can be used effectively to balance energy between different parts of the auric field. It has been described as a natural fibre-optic. Therapeutically in crystal therapy it can be used to aid healing of the nervous system and for cellular regeneration. It is also used to help back problems and spinal issues.

Its high vibration and ability to transmit light means this crystal can work as a channel to heighten consciousness at a spiritual and soul level aiding access to past and future lifetimes and is therefore very useful in soul retrieval work.

It connects to the third eye, crown and transpersonal chakras and aids strongly in spiritual development and awareness. It is used in crystal healing to aid when clearing energy blocks and attachments in the aura and can be used as an energetic screen for accessing images relevant to soul consciousness and psychic protection and development work. Placed in the corners of a room it provides a powerful grid (energy shield) protecting against negative influences and energy.

I personally also associate this stone very much with unicorns in its energy as in my experience they often share a similar field of vibration.


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