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Quartz and Calcite

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Quartz And Calcite - SKU_A_1965

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Calcite is the most frequently found form of calcium carbonate. It is well known for the beautiful development of its crystals as well as for their brilliance.

Its name is derived from the Greek word "chalix" for lime. In World War 2, it was an important mineral as it was used for the sights for gunners, and bombadiers, it is still used in the optical industry. As a calcium carbonate, it also has a history in art, where it was used to make paint. It was also used hundreds of years ago in folk medicine as lime.

Quartz is one of the most common crystals that can be found in our Earth's crust, as it formed in most silica-rich metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. There are many varieties of quartz

Quartz is an important raw material, it is used in the glass industry, and most varieties are cut as gemstones for jewellery.

This combination of Quartz and Calcite was mined in Calton Hill, Buxton, UK.

Calcite creates a stablizing aura. Creates an element of self-trust, and combats idleness and the inability to overcome obstacles in our path. It gives us the strength to turn our ideas and concepts into results. Making us much more industrious and energetic. It strengthens our immune system and boosts our metabolism. It is beneficial for small children for their growth and development. It is good for the heart, as its stabilzing aura calms and strengthens the heart's rhythm. It helps aid the healing of tissue and bone, and relieves skin and intestinal complaints.

Historically, Quartz has always been thought of as a magical and a healing crystal. Crystal balls were used for predicting the future. It was also thought to protect against disease and repel demons. It was thought to be an energetic and a strong stone.

Nowadays it is used as a stone to help clear minds, it promotes neutrality and clarity and aids you to focus your mind to percieve the problem before you clearly, or to recollect some forgotten information or a locked memory. Quartz is a very revitalizing crystal, bringing feeling back to parts of the body that may be numb, strengthens the nerves and supplies us with energy. It can be used to reduce pain and fever.

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