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Green Mica

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Green Mica - SKU_A_1962

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Common Mica, also known as muscovite, comes in many colour varieties, it can be colourless, green, pale brown, silvery white or rose red. It can form in tabular crystals or in thin flat aggragated sheets. The green variety we have here is high in chromium and called fuchsite.

It has great modern day uses, its low iron iron content makes it good for thermal and electrical insulation. In Russia, thin transparent panes of muscovite were used as glass panes, called Muscovy Glass.

It has a very stablising effect, so it is good for someone under a lot of emotional stress, as it has a calming effect on our emotions.

It helps us to see more clearly, not just visions but also ourselves without guise or ego. A good stone for self-realisation.

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