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Biotite Mica

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Biotite Mica - SKU_A_1438

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Hardness: 2.5 - 3 on the mohr's scale

Biotite is a common phyllosilicate mineral within the mica group. Biotite is a sheet silicate. Iron, magnesium, aluminium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen form sheets that are weakly bound together by potassium ions. It is sometimes called "iron mica" because it is more iron-rich than phlogopite. It is also sometimes called "black mica" as opposed to "white mica" (muscovite) – both form in some rocks, in some instances side-by-side. Biotite is found in a wide variety of igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is an essential constituent of many metamorphic schists, and it forms in suitable compositions over a wide range of pressure and temperature.

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