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Hemimorphite - SKU_A_2418

Hemimorphite - SKU_A_2418

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Quickview: Formerly known as calamine in the USA, hemimorphite's name originates from the greek words "hemi" (half) and "morphe" (form). Hemimorphite can come in crystal form, or it can be chalky , granular or fibrous. It can be pale green, pale yellow, blue, white or colourless.

This Hemimorphite was mined in Old Glencrieff Mine, Wanlock Head, Scotland

Hemimorphite is a very protective stone, it guards us against manipulation from others, as well as any malicious thoughts. It assists in developing your own inner strength and gives you a sense of social responsibility.

Weight Depth Width Length
73g 5.7cm 4.8cm 2.9cm