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From: Durango, Mexico.

Hardness: 4.5-5 on the Moh's scale.

This striking piece is made more visually pleasing by the contrast between the matrix and the beautiful white hemimorphite crystals scattard across the speciem. This peice of mexico examplifys how the differing conditions present during its formation effects and differentinties the way the crystal habit manifests depending on the geological conditions present within indivdual localitys.

Name: Hemimorphite

Name:(The name is taken from its crystal structure and is greek for ‘half shape’ contrasting terminations at each end of the crystal) prior to its naming in 1853 by Adolph Kenngott. Many names were given to this crystal due to its variable morphology.

System: Orthorhombic

Geology: geologically Hemimorphite is a sorosilicate mineral and is often found in association with zinc carbonate. This crystal as named after its crystal habit, (hemimorphy relationships of its crystals being dissimilar between apposing termination points) This characteristic is typical of only a small varieties of mineral species.

Chakras: this stone is said to relate particularly well to the fifth and sixth chakras (throat and 3rd eye)

Spiritual meaning: This beautiful blue crystal bring to those who seek to relate to it an uplifting of their vibration and the energy field around them, in turn when asked for help in this way hemimorphite can increase channelling abilities, angelic awareness and contact with the higher realms and dimensions , a highly spiritual stone, promoting consciousness through energising the higher vibrations within the auric field. Hemimorphite promotes individual creativity through helping the expression of essence, in its pathway to its manifestation of form and shape. The confident expression of balance and equanimity through the relationship between personal will and conscious in how we relate to ourselves and others including the multi-variant levels of the world around us. .

Formula: Zn4Si2O7(OH)2 · H2O

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