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Hematite - SKU_A_2415

Hematite - SKU_A_2415

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Quickview: Hematite can vary in colour, either red, grey or black, metallic or dull or opaque. It is formed in sedimentary, hydrothermal, magmatic or metamorphic rocks. It is the most important ore of iron, due to its abundance and the high iron content. The soft, earthy and fine-grained form of hematite is used as a pigment. It colours the clay ochre, red ochre contained unhydrated hematite and yellow ochre contains hydrated hematite. The red chalk of this mineral is one of the earliest uses of human writing.

Another place hematite is found in the universe is on Mars, where the spectral signature of it was recorded by the NASA Mars Global Surveyor.

Derived from the Greek word for blood haima, due to the red colour it sometimes forms.

This piece was mined in Haile Moor Mine, Earemont, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom.

Hematite encourages you to better your situation and encourages your ability to survive and strengthens our will. It focuses our attention on our well-being and basic needs and enables us to fight for them in necessary situations.

It is a revitalising and envigorating stone, as it is iron ore it stimulates the absorption of iron into our blood, as iron is necessary to the absorption of oxygen into our bloodstream.

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