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Crocoite is a very eye-catching mineral. It ranges from orange to red. The word Crocoite stems from the Greek word krókos, meaning saffron. Crocoite crystals are often slender and elongated, and are prismatic. They can be striated along their length, and occur in random clusters. Once exposed to light, much of the brilliance of this mineral is lost. As a mineral, crocoite is very rare, since it require extremely specific conditions to form. It requires an oxidation area of lead ore as well as low-silica igneous rocks to serve as a source of chromium Crocoite is the official mineral emblem of Tasmania. Dundas, Zeehan District of Tasmania, is the district where the best crystals originate. Tasmania has this mineral as its emblem for a reason, since the most exceptional crystals are mined there, known for their length and colour. Crocoite is also a stone full of energy, vitality, and fertility. It is a very passionate stone, assisting the flow of sexual energy, it can aid in pinpointing the best time for conception. As well as stimulating the creative process and boosting your immune system and reproductive organs.

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