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Malachite And Chrysocolla - SKU_A_2396

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Malachite And Chrysocolla - SKU_A_2396

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Quickview: Malachite (from the Latin molochÄ«tis) is probably the earliest ore of copper and has had many uses over the centuries. It is thought to have been mined as early as 3000BC in the east of Ancient Egypt. It was used as a pigment for green paint up until the 18th century. Today is it valued as a gemstone and ornamental piece - there are malachite rooms in the Castillo de Chapultec and the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.
It is usually found in encrusting masses and in various shades of green, in the Ural Mountains of Russia single masses weighing up to 51 tonnes were found.

Chrysocolla's name is derived from two greek words " chrysos" for gold and "kolla" for glue. It is generally blue-green in colour. It is a decomposition of copper minerals, and can be found frequently intergrown with other minerals such as quartz and opal which yields a gemstone variety.

This piece of Malachite and Chrysocolla was mined in Shaba Province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Malachite assists use to empathise with others, as well as increasing our appreciation of beauty and sensuality. It stimulates our thirst for knowledge, and drives away any shyness that we may feel, altogether allowing us to experience the richness of life without boundaries and giving us a sense of adventure. It enables us to realise our needs and desires, though accomplishing them is still something we ourselves would need to strive for.
Malachite also brings forth hidden thoughts and emotions, though does not necessarily give us the strength or the ability to cope with them, but it does help strength our ability to understand new concepts.
For healing, Malachite assists with the development of female sexual organs and alleviates their ailments, it is a particularly good stone for menstrual cramps. As before-mentioned it stimulates our brain activity, but it also affects the nerves and liver, and has a de-toxifying effect.

Chrysocolla encourages a balanced nature, helping us accept any situations that are in constant flux, calming irritability and tempering any flares of bad temper. It gives us drive in cases of procrasination and laziness. It is good for burns, due to its cooling effect, and detoxifies the liver, and lowers the blood pressure.

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