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Everyone has heard of Beryl's main gemstone varieties, emerald and aquamarine, but less have heard of Beryl itself. Principally used as a gemstone before 1925, but since then many important uses have been found for it. As such common beryl is now widely sought after. Its colour can range from white to green. Aquamarine is the most common gemstone variety of beryl, flawless emeralds are rare, however in 1937 the manufacture of synthetic emeralds became possible. Beryl has other gemstone varieties, such as morganite, heliodor and goshenite. Believed to be a detoxifying crystal, Beryl is a great harmonizer and soothes heightened emotions and is good for nervousness, encouraging a feeling of confidence and security. It activates the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra, and is particularly useful for scrying.

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