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Chalcedony - SKU_A_2159

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Chalcedony - SKU_A_2159

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Chalcedony is a compact variety of micro-crystalline quartz. It may be named after the ancient port of Khalkedon in Asia Minor (which is now Turkey), as there used to be great deposits if this mineral there.

When pure, Chalcedony is white, but microscopic amounts of other minerals do make it vary in colour. Many chalcedonies are precious gems and have their own names. Pink chalcedony is sometimes referred to as chalcedony rose.

This chalcedony was mined in Brazil.

Pink chalcedony enhances our empathy, helping us to help others by listening and understanding. It encourages kindness, warm-heartedness, helpfulness and all in all, general goodness of nature. It helps us find an inner peace and deep trust, and imbues us with a childlike curiosity and willingness to learn new things. It enhances our immune system, and emits a warming aura that provides us with an inner peace and tranquillity.

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