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Calcite And Fluorite - SKU_A_2163

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Calcite And Fluorite - SKU_A_2163

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Calcite is the most frequently found form of calcium carbonate. It is well known for the beautiful development of its crystals as well as for their brilliance. Calcite gets its name from the Greek word "chalix" for lime. In the second world war it was an important mineral as it was used for the sights for gunners, and bombardiers, it is still used in the optical industry. As a calcium carbonate, it also has a history in art, where it was used to make paint. It was also used hundreds of years ago in folk medicine as lime.

Fluorite, which is also known as fluorspar is an industrial mineral which gains its name from the Latin word "fluere", meaning "to flow". Industrially it is used to improve the flow of slags, the refining of minerals, iron smelting, the making of high-octane fuels, steel and the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid. As a mineral it can be granular, compact or rather massive. It is found in many different colours, one crystal alone may have zones of different colours. Which makes it a very attractive stone to own. The colours can be white, purple, green yellow and red, and these beautiful crystals can be found all over the world, but some sites in particular are well-known for mining such nice fluorite crystals.

This Calcite and Fluorite piece was mined in Heights Mine, Eastgate, Weardale, Co Durham, England, UK.

Calcite creates a stabilising aura. Creates an element of self-trust, and combats idleness and the inability to overcome obstacles in our path. It gives us the strength to turn our ideas and concepts into results. Making us much more industrious and energetic. In a physical sense, Calcite strengthens our immune system and boosts our metabolism. It is beneficial for small children for their growth and development. It is also particularly good for the heart, as its stabilising aura calms and strengthens the heart's rhythm. It helps aid the healing of tissue and bone, and relieves skin and intestinal complaints.

Fluorite also encourages the free-spirit inside of all of us, it helps rid us of unwanted and negative influences, as well as prompting our creative impulses. It makes for a good learning aid, it helps dissolve barriers in our mind and narrow mindedness, aiding us to see links between different areas of our knowledge, stimulating the absorption of new information. It is particularly good for the lungs, as it awakens the regeneration of skin and mucus membranes, especially of those in our respiratory tracts. It also aids with suppurating wounds and ulcers. It is also a good stone for bones, teeth and difficulties with posture. It helps us improve stiffness and is good for movement, so it is helpful with joint problems.

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