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Brochanite results from the oxidation of copper ores, normally in arid climates. it forms in various shades of green, and was named after the French mineralogist and geologist A. J. M. Brochant de Villiers, who was the first pupil admitted to the École des Mines, Paris, who then went on to become professor of Geology and Mines. Brochanite normally forms in small needle-like crystals of a few millimetres in length. In Arizona, USA and Chile, Brochanite is abundant enough to be an ore of copper.

This Brochanite was mined in Loge Park Trial, Tre'dal, Dyfed, Wales, UK.

Healing qualities: Brochanite aids clarity of thought and is spiritually grounding, an ore of copper relates to the planet venus whos astrological association is with relationships and the heart as a physical organ. Brochanite aids meditation, calms the mind, and balances consciousness and helps increase freedom of interaction with the world around one.

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