Birthstone: February

Star/Zodiac signs: Scorpio, (Oct 23-Nov 21) Sagittarius, (Nov 22-Dec 21).

Associated Planets: Mercury, Saturn, Venus.

Chakra: First / base chakra.

Keywords: Protection, Transformation, healing.

Healing Qualities

Red jasper heals through gradual transformation. Inherently nurturing its energy helps a person both to give and receive joyfulness in equal measure. Helpful in increasing insight, it promotes personal independence and the ability to speak up for oneself from a place of calmness with confidence and integrity. Jasper enhances and balances physical energy, bringing harmony to the body. It is said to be protective against night terrors and to promote sensory attunement heightening awareness. It is supportive during convalescence from illness, and is believed to be helpful to both mother and child during pregnancy/labour. Protective when placed in mentally or physically toxic work environments, its microcrystalline structure can also be used as a mini-charger for other crystals assisting them in fulfilling their own highest good. Within shamanic traditions red jasper is used to connect with mother earth and in healing ceremonies, and in journeys to and from the spirit world.

Physiologically it is believed to aid the following conditions. To draw out pain, treat dizziness, morning sickness, convulsions, diahorrea, and general pain, exposure to radiation, haemorrhages, cancer, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

Physical Characteristics:
Chemical composition: Si02.
Hardness: 7.

Jasper is a silicate mineral. A form of Crypto crystalline Quartz. E.G. individual crystals within the matrix are microscopic.

“Whilst crystals can be helpful in the healing of mental and physical conditions, they should not be seen as or used as a replacement for professional medical advice”.