The energy of quartz Clusters is particularly associated with people born under the Star/Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Aries, Leo and Virgo. However as described below their healing properties make them crystals of universal benefit to all.


Quartz crystal clusters are used by many to remove negativity and promote harmony and co-operation within the environment in which they are placed.

They are excellent for cleansing and energising the environments in which they are placed whether at home or in a workplace. For example placed on a desk or a windowsill.

They can be used in cleansing and energizing other crystals and minerals.

The energetic properties of rainbows and inclusions found within quartz clusters are amplified by being situated within the cluster itself.

Physical Characteristics

Chemical Composition: SiO2 :
Quartz contains approximately %47.7 silicon and %53.3 oxygen
Molecular Weight = 60.08 gm
Crystal Structure

“Whilst crystals can be helpful in the healing of mental and physical conditions, they should not be seen as or used as a replacement for professional medical advice”.