Mirrorstone Crystals is the place for you to come to find unusual gifts and the best range of fossils and crystals in the Midlands. In our shop you can experience the healing environment I provide. I offer Aura reading, energy balancing, spiritual healing and harmonisation and advice based on the results of this work. My work is based on what I have learned through my own personal journey and difficult life events and through learning and experiencing the guidance of the amazing team of helpers in the spiritual realms whose work it is to lend a helping hand and suggest new ways forward, both for me and for the people who come for help.

Often I personally don’t have a clue what to do about the issues people ask about, but once tuned into the clients situation, a way forward is brought to my attention and new possibilities and opportunities for positive growth and progress become apparent. Everyone’s life is different, everyone’s issues are individual, no session is the same even for clients who come back more than once, but one thing always remains. Providing the willingness is there to be open to new possibilities, the universe, (the multiverse), is always willing to step forward and lend its help. I help people sign the consent form, and facilitate for people to regain their own empowerment.

If you are interested in this aspect of the services at Mirrorstone Crystals then please visit the Testimonials page on this our newly relaunched website, www.mirrorstonecrystals.com where former and current clients give their own reaction to the help they have found from booking sessions and getting reading and energy healing sessions.

This shop has been open since November 2009. It developed out of the interest I developed years ago in crystals. Mirrorstone Crystals began as a market trading business, trading in markets around the Midlands. My decision with my then partner, to start the business, was the culmination of a interest in collecting crystals which I developed in my early 20’s, and which has remained as a passion with me ever since. This passion I am now lucky enough to be able to share through the shop and now through our new web site as well.

I am the only blind crystal and fossil dealer that I know of and I enjoy many interesting conversations with my customers concerning these amazing objects. Also they provide an wonderful accompaniment to the energy healing work I do. These objects, both, crystals and fossils have existed for millions of years and I exist and will exist for a tiny spec of time, within their longer existence. They will be here long after I am gone. That to me is both a statement of the obvious, and also an amazing privilege, a privilege, I get to share with all the customers who come to the shop and use the web site. Or visit us at our stall at the Christmas market every year.

I have a particular interest in in animals and working with healing work connected to animals and their welfare. I have two Dogs of my own, Maisie and Bitsy who are my constant companions and greet everyone who comes to the shop. Animals spend so much time giving to us and healing us, it is lovely to have the opportunity to be able to give some help back when opportunities arise.

People often look first at our collection of jewellery which ranges from silver fossil pieces for earrings and pendants to attractive Chakra pendants and real crystals set in natural resins which make for attractive and less expensive jewellery options…. There is a large range of ear rings and large crystal pendants of labradorite, onyx, and rose quartz. There are also a range of wands for healing, spiritual and ceremonial practices. Children love them as well, especially if they are Harry Potter fans.

People who come into the shop are amazed to see some of the large very beautiful items which feature particularly prominently in the shop. Yes, I admit it, I am still a fully addicted collector of “Amazing stuff”, and the shop gives me an excuse to spend a little time with some of these extraordinary objects… magnificent large Amethyst geodes… one single geode, which weighs around a third of a ton… a pair of amethyst geodes whose colour is unbelievably deep. This pair is a particular rarity, as very rarely do both sides of a big geode survive intact when cut open.

The set of 9 Paradoxidies trilobites each around a foot long, set in the rock together naturally, by some tragic natural calamity, 520 million years ago, whilst they had come together to moult their outer carapaces, is a tremendous ,piece of natural history. A photograph of life caught, captured, and preserved from the very mists of time. Two massive crystals guard the rest of the display in the shop window at present. A stunning piece of polished Labradorite weighing 3.5 Kilos, and a very large piece of Black Tourmaline and Mica which sparkles as it guards the shop window and its smaller companion pieces….several large Diplomystus, fish from the Green River formation are presented on the walls, whilst an equally large Thyrodus, looks out from its slab of matryx, like a giant and ancient piranha fish.

Children and adults alike love these items, whilst the cabinets that fill the rest of the shop provide opportunities to see and purchase a wide range of easily affordable Crystals Fossils and Jewellery. Children are fascinated with the sea urchins, ammonites, trilobites, shark teeth and fossil leafs. They often like to choose from the wide range of polished tumble-stones that we have. We also have a range of unusual animal fossils that are for the more adult specialist fossil collector. It would be good to talk to me directly about what I can provide for you. I have a good range of large ammonites.

We provide a range of crystals that will suit the most discriminating collector and we will actively support you in finding the crystals and fossils specialities you are looking for.

You can see our small cave bear skull and Chinese bear skull. Just as the Black Tourmaline in the window is so large, as to only just be lifted by one strong person, we also stock small pieces which are more affordable, at a couple of pounds. Pocket sized, and pocket priced, to suit all pockets. I Love pieces with a unique story, such as the baby cave bear skull, with a tooth mark from a cave lion in it, showing how it met its death 40,000 years ago, in a world which it knew and we will never reach, though this little cave bear, has managed to reach us. What a story. What a window on reality. The adult males would grow up to 8 feet tall standing on their hind legs. Though they did eat meat they were mainly vegetarian so scientists believe, and were driven to extinction by a combination of climate change and the pressure of expanding human populations. Some things never change!

These are just a few of the fossils in the shop to describe as examples. Come and see them and the others. We stock an excellent range of fair trade gifts, as well as items which support and compliment our crystal ranges.

For example, there is a range of singing bowls available to try and to purchase, but there are also copper pyramids, ‘Merhu’ pyramids to energise objects of your choice. White sage is also available to help cleanse and bless your home and your crystals. I strongly believe in the importance of maintaining a good energetic atmosphere and energisation in the shop, and customers often comment on how strong the energy is in the shop that they feel. Because I am here all the time, to me it is normal. It is the way I like it to be. A welcoming space that finds people where they are and seeks to make them feel relaxed and grounded and at ease. As well as the cleansing and purifying sage which we both use and sell in the shop, we also provide a range of incense, from Nag Champa, to Wildberry, which is very popular with our customers, and like to think about how these help people to make their own homes feel special and helps to refresh the homes to which it is taken. If you like the sound of some or all of this, then please come and visit, us here in Kings Heath, at 4b Heathfield Road or explore the web site further. Thank you for visiting Mirrorstone Crystals I look forward to your coming back again. See you soon..Adrian Edwards.