I went to the post office this morning to post back a megalodon tooth, 1.7 million years old, from California. The tooth was the fabled 6 inches long, but only on one side, so not quite as impressive as a normal 6 inch tooth, which is the gold standard amongst collectors of megalydon teeth. Unfortunately for me, the collector that I had this in mind for, wanted something which was more symmetrical than this tooth. It’s okay though, it’s still an amazing object, from a shark that could grow up to the size of a London bendy bus. It is part of an ancestral line of sharks, which extends back to before the dinosaurs and still today if it wasn’t for man’s predation, it has very few enemies in the seas, and is one of the most successful type of species of fish that there is . It is through experiencing these windows onto the wonderful engineering and creativity of nature throughout vast expanses of time that provide the ongoing fascination and passion for fossils, which many people experience, from tiny children through to adults that have been collecting all their lives, which for some lucky people like myself, a valid part of the business which I run. I sit in the shop, everyday with fossils whose lives created the circumstances for the engineering of life today. So many years ago, so many worlds ago, all within this same world. It was this passion for spreading the wonder of these natural windows in time and existence, which lead me first to an interest in fossils and then to include them as a part of my crystals and fossils business. When Mirrorstone Crystals first began, it was also talking to other people who had been passionate for a long time and where much more knowledgeable than me, that inspired me to feel that I wanted to be a part of that world. I wanted a chance to experience the same thrill of discovery, possession of interest of increasing knowledge, which extends through the interesting group of people I know in regards to fossils from eminent academics, to gnarled street traders and little children, pestering their parents for sharks teeth, or serious 8 and 9 year olds who know more about particular species that they are interested in than I do, or even had any idea was true. There is a meeting of roads between obsession, wonderment and education, understanding and realisation of ones place in this universe, which fossils give, like a scale measure, we calibrate who we are in the now, because we have the chance to for a moment, understand them a little bit, where they were and in doing that we understand a little bit more where we are. And perhaps this helps to increase one’s wonder at the world and decrease ones arrogance at one’s own existence. Its hard to be egotistical in front of the 520 million year old block of 9 paradoxides trilobytes that I have at the front of the shop, who came together to cast their skins all at the same time and by some natural tragedy all got killed at the same time and yet 520 million years later they sit in my shop an exact record of themselves 520 million years earlier. This is to my mind a profoundly powerful way of understanding life and its ongoing search and manifestation throughout time. When I create something I am honouring that same force even though the record of it may be lost forever, my participation in that process, in the evolution of me, brings me close to the same life force that brought them together all that time ago. This is the world that I live in, this is the world that I honour and try to bring people to, through running this shop and running this business, this is why Mirrorstone Crystals has the best range of fossils in the Midlands, available to the public and why we are about to launch our newly upgraded website, to be able to provide a better service to people across the country and the world. I look forward to being in contact with you and sharing your enjoyment with these wonderful talismans of the past, in all their glory.