Star/Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, (Nov 22-Dec 21) Scorpio, (Oct 23-Nov 21) and Leo, (July 23-Aug 22)

Chakra: Sixth (third eye).

Vibrates to the numbers 6 and 7

Keywords: Insight, Wisdom.

Healing Qualities:
This crystal promotes intellectual, intuitive, and mystical wisdom, calmness and intuition.
Often associated with the search for spiritual destiny, Labradorite is a powerful healing stone, said to promote spiritual awareness, clarity of thought and psychic insight. It is strongly protective against abuse of ones intuitive capacities by others with hidden negative intentions. A lovely crystal for people in healing, caring and mentoring roles, Labradorite can help the manifestation of originality, creativity and inner strength when helping others. Labradorite helps one see ones way through situations where three or four equally important considerations clamour for our attention, encouraging patience and perseverance when dealing with complex circumstances and issues. It relieves insecurity and apprehension. Promotes determination and inner confidence. Encourages discernment, helping combine rational intelligence and intuition. An excellent crystal for supporting and nurturing personal creativity. In addition it is believed to help enhance night vision and auric perception.
Physically, it is said to help the eyes, and spine. To help relieve rheumatic fever, reduce blood pressure, Insomnia, gout, feeling cold and colds.

Physical Characteristics:
Chemical composition: (Calcium Sodium Aluminium Silicate ( Ca,Na)(Si,Al):
Molecular Weight = 271.81

Crystal Structure:
Labradorite first discovered in Labrador Canada, is a form of feldspar now mainly sourced from Madagascar. Forming tabular crystals grains and masses, Labradorite coloration varies from white/yellow to grey. The sheen when polished termed Shillerism, after its discoverer, ‘Doctor Shiller’, changes according to the angle at which light is reflected on the stone.

“Whilst crystals can be helpful in the healing of mental and physical conditions, they should not be seen as or used as a replacement for professional medical advice”.