Star/Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, (Nov 22-Dec 21) Virgo, (Aug 23-Sept 22).

Master healing crystal clear quartz works to reintegrate mental and spiritual energy.

Chakras: Clear Quartz amplifies healing of all chakra’s particularly the crown and third eye. It increases mental function and opens one up to spiritual communication.

Healing Qualities

Clear quartz is used to help focus positive intention and the promotion of well-being of all types.

It is often employed in the design of crystal wands and pendulums used for divination as it is it provides an uninterrupted clear channel for the transmission of healing energies. Traditionally it is believed to defuse pain and treat convulsions, diarrhoea, and dizziness, exposure to radiation, haemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

Physical Characteristics

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Quartz contains approximately 47.7% silicon and 53.3% oxygen.

Approximately 12% of the Earths surface is formed from quartz. Quartz’s take many forms often in conjunction with other minerals. Differences in formation and the trace elements within quartz determine its type. Clear quartz itself is characterised by its transparency. In addition these differences between quartz’s are associated in crystal healing with differences in their attributes. E.g. rose quartz is associated with unconditional love whilst, Smokey quartz is attributed as helpful for grounding and protection.

Physical Characteristics

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal.
Note Quartz takes many additional complex forms too numerous to list in detail here.

Chemistry: SiO2 , Silicon dioxide
Hardness: 7
Class: Silicates
Subclass: Tectosilicates

Quartz whilst quartz is very common as a crystal class, some types of quartz are very rare. For example, Smokey cactus quartz combines the form of Smokey quartz with that of cactus (spirit), quartz. A combination so rare that only one quartz deposit of this type has ever been found.

“Whilst crystals can be helpful in the healing of mental and physical conditions, they should not be seen as or used as a replacement for professional medical advice”.