Around 300 types of calcite exist, covering 4% of the earth’s surface. Calcites mineral family also contains Aragonite, Gypsum and Selenite. Together they comprise the Satin Spar mineral family. Calcite is also found in association with many other minerals.

Calcites crystal habit varies considerably. For example, Dog toothed calcites pyramidal crystals range in colour from clear to light orange whilst Optical calcite makes things appear double. Some healers believe optical calcite helps reinvigoration because of the crystals magnifying effects.

Star/Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, (Mangano calcite), and Sagittarius.

A master healer physically, Calcite is particularly associated with the skeleton and the renewal of physical energy bringing calmness to the emotions and the mind. Spiritually, calcite helps give intuitive confidence to those who find an affinity with this stone. Brings encouragement and rejuvenation when disheartened and brings comfort when in an emotional crisis.

Chakras: Calcite is usually matched to chakras by colour. Clear calcite works with all chakras.

A source of life
Calcite is central to maintaining Earth as a living planet. As the phytoplankton that fix carbon dioxide, and oxygenate the world’s oceans require calcium to build their shells.

Just as this stone is central to the synergistic ecology of minerals and life on Earth so to at a spiritual level this crystals energy is gentle soothing and centring. Sure and profound its energetic field reminds that which surrounds it that the wisdom of ages always manifests itself most vividly through our understanding of its relevance to that which presents itself in the here and now of life. Conflict can be avoided when consciousness of the connection between unseen connections is understood and accepted. This understanding for those who wish it can be found in calcites gentle presence and energy.

Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate C a CO3

Hardness 3

Highly variable in form and colour Calcite is best identified by is low Mohs scale rating, pronounced cleavage and reactivity to even weak acidity.

“Whilst crystals can be helpful in the healing of mental and physical conditions, they should not be seen as or used as a replacement for professional medical advice”.