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We get the word Apophylite from the Greek words "apo" and "phyllazein", which are "to get" and "leaf". This is because of the way the mineral flakes and separates into layers when heated. Apophylite was once thought to be a single mineral, we know now however that there are two distinct types, which are hydroxyapophylite and fluorapophylite. These form a solid solution where fluorine can dominate over oxygen and hydrogen, or the other way around.

Apophylite can come in various colours, white, colourless, green or pink. Crystals are transparent or translucent and form cubically or as square sided striated prisms with flat ends, or may appear with pyramid-shaped tips.

This Apophylite comes from India.

Apophylite encourages a calm spirit, honesty and tranquillity. It helps us to be straight-forward, open and clear with others. Removing pretence and reservations and any fear. It can also help overcome anxiety, and is a great stone to have in times of stress and great pressure. It really is a very soothing influence!

Asthma sufferers like apophylite as it is a good stone for respiratory problems, as well as allergies

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