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Ammonite Block

Ammonite Block - SKU_A_999

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From: Radstock, Somerset, UK.

Age: Ibex Zone, Jurassic.

A beautifully prepared exposed ammonite multiblock on matrix with numerous other imprints.

Ammonite is said to activate metaphysical powers and inter-dimensional exploration. Representing time, eternity and evolution. They promote health and are used as protection amulets to increase the life span of the wearer. Other uses include aiding against fatigue, assisting fertility and resolving a range of physiological issues; legs, bones, joints, digestive, pain, swelling, inflammation, mobility and cramps.

In terms of emotional healing, it is said that ammonite can assist with emotional health and high energy, changing negativity into smooth positive flowing energy into the surrounding aura. Inspiring personal power, they gently pursued suppressed emotions toward the surface for resolution. It is a fantastic fossil that promotes self-confidence, fair reasoning, and stability in relationships whilst radiating positivity. It is a privilege for the wearer, as it facilitates to integrate experience in synergy with the natural harmony and rhythms of Mother earth.

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