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Mirrorstone Crystals - Crystals and fossils of the natural world.

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About Mirrorstone Crystals

Mirrorstone Crystals began as a crystal stall run by myself and my partner trading at 1 or 2 markets a week.  But that isn’t really where the interest that led to these early beginnings started.  A love of nature and a deep curiosity about what lies behind the flow of life and the experiential nature of things has always formed an important part of my approach to life.  In my early twenties this approach led me to begin a long and ongoing interest in crystals and fossils.  Going blind at the age of eleven contributed to my own natural inclination to find my own road in life, rather than following maps already worn thin by others' advice.  This combined with the hard won belief that working everyday with the opportunities life brings one unfailingly provides the nourishment one needs to take each step along the way even if the journey itself remains a mystery.

The support and patience of friends and family throughout this period has been and continues to be central, amazing and a wonderful part of this continuing journey.  That I am able now to return that help and support to them and to other people who now stand where once I stood is one of the things I am most proud of in my life today and the work that Mirrorstone Crystals does is an important part of that.

The development of my interest in crystals coincided with eight years of hard work as a student which culminated in my graduating from Birmingham University with a Masters in Global Ethics.  Previously a stranger to the Midlands and with my interest in crystals undiminished I was disappointed by the lack of quality and range available to people in this region.

It was my  passion for crystals and fossils as wonders of the natural world, and my strong  belief that people should have the opportunity to experience these amazing things at first hand  which led me to set up Mirrorstone Crystals, with the 3 key principles of quality, accessibility and affordability, (Value for Money) at the centre of the business.  Founded on these 3 key principles Mirrorstone Crystals is a space where people can bring their interest and discover more about the aspects of crystals and fossils that you are interested in.  This is why as well as the on-line shop we will soon also have the social networking part of our site where you can meet other people, start your own blog, share your experiences, and ask questions.  We are keeping the best and most enjoyable aspects of Mirrorstone Crystals' origins as a market stall based business. 

In addition to the web site the Mirrorstone Crystals shop based in Birmingham provids a warm and friendly environment in which to join in and explore Mirrorstone Crystals' growing range of products and services.  Just as when visiting this web site, the ability to drop in, to see whets new, to meet other customers and share experiences is all part of the fun! All of this has grown from the belief that peoples love of crystals and fossils and the natural curiosity which these amazing natural objects inspire should be treated with real respect and responded to in a way which empowers and gives confidence to each person.